Template:InfoboxCharacter Tomas Heredia is one of Violetta's two love interests. He can play the guitar and sing. He assists the Studio 21, a grant from Beto, who hired him as his assistant. He was born in Spain, but moved to Buenos Aires with his mother to take care for her grandmother. Tomas falls for Violetta despite Herman's attempts to keep her daughter away from any boys.

Tomas Heredia is portrayed by Pablo Espinosa.


Tomas is attractive, simple, confident and sometimes a lot. All his songs reflect his personality and his quest as an artist. When he worked in Resto Bar, Luca always quarreled with him about that he's not completed all his job and he is sabotaging the business, but he doesn't quite and he still trying to give all in his job. That's show that he is very responsible.


Violetta CastilloEdit


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Tomas and Violetta are in love. They first met when Violetta fell and Tomas managed to catch her. At first, he thought her name was Olga. But Ludmila said that her name was Violetta and she lied to him. But soon, when Leon discovered that Ludmila its falling in love with Tomas, so he uses Violetta to get revenge on Tomas.But then he falls for her and is trying to get Violetta. So the relationship with Violetta and Tomas is hard to have because Leon and Ludmila are in the way.

Francesca CavigliaEdit


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At the first episode it seems that Francesca had a crush on Tomas for a long time but she doesn't say anything to Tomas because she knows that he doesn't feel anything for her, being in love with Violetta. Tomas just sees Francesca as a friend.

Ludmila FerroEdit


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At first, Tomas doesn't know anything about Ludmila. The first time they met, Ludmila fell in love with Tomas, but Tomas didn't feel anything for her. Ludmila discovered that there's 2 girls named Violetta and Francesca (formerly) that like him too. She, Violetta and Francesca always fight to stay with Tomas, but most of the time Ludmila wins because Violetta likes Leon too and she doesn't want to hurt him; and Francesca doesn't want Tomas to find out she has a crush on him.



Leon and Tomas are rivals since the first episode. When Leon saw Ludmila was talking to him, he got jealous and came to Resto Bar to get revenge on him. Later, he discovered that Tomas loves Violetta, so he used her to get Tomas jealous. He then falls in love with Violetta and he fights with Tomas to decide who will be with her.


  • He was the delivery guy at Resto Bar.
  • He is terrible at dancing, as shown in most of the episodes.